The house stands on its volunteers pillar

In September 2012 the association "Bürger fürs BADEHAUS Waldram-Föhrenwald e.V." (Citizens for the BADEHAUS) was founded by members from the " Historische Verein" (Historical association Wolfratshausen e.V.( and the "Siedlungsgemeinschaft Waldram" (settlement association Waldram). Their aim was to rescue the historic building at the Kolpings Square from demolition and turn it into a meeting and documentation place. They collected artefacts and testimonies from the Waldram history to make them accessible to a wider public. In well over 17,000 voluntary work hours and with the help from professionals as well as state and local funding, they renovated the building from its core and converted it into a museum.


Opened in 2018 the BADEHAUS stands today as a living place for memories, meetings and learning. It is a place where the generations, nations and religions meet and exchange. Tours, shows and projects are all overseen by the association's volunteers. The BADEHAUS memorial site not only strengthens the culture of recollection and history but also the work with children and further education to make an important contribution towards international understanding.

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Over 13,000 VISITORS to the MUSEUM


250 TOURS per year

Over 550 MEMBERS

OBJECTIVE: a vibrant place of memory, meeting and learning

PURPOSE: maintaining and operating the BADEHAUS memorial site

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