Book "LebensBilder"

During the first Corona Lockdown in 2020, the idea arose to write a book about people who had lived in the Jewish DP camp Föhrenwald after the Second World War. Then began an intensive phase of conception and realisation of the work "LebensBilder - Portraits of life in the Jewish DP-camp Föhrenwald".

34 eyewitnesses, 15 authors, 5 translators, a 4-person editorial team and a photographer worked creatively and purely voluntarily hand in hand for months to publish this book. In addition, there are many years of preparatory work that went into this project. In the short videos below, authors and translators talk about our extraordinary book project and introduce you to contemporary witnesses.


With 34 portraits of persons who, after the war, found a temporary place to stay in the Upper Bavarian Isar-valley and who now live in Germany, Israel and the USA. Narrated by the team of volunteers of the Place of Remembrance BADEHAUS.

With numerous pictures, documents and maps

Bilingual (German and English)

176 pages

ISBN 978-3-00-066745-9

Publication date: 6 December 2020

Price: 24,90€

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Idea and project management: Dr. Sybille Krafft

Editorial office: Stephanie Coenen, Barbara Kaulbarsch, Dr. Sybille Krafft

Proofreading: Rainer von Savigny

Design: Michael Winkert

Portrait photographs: Justine Bittner

Birgit Brantl-Schwaiger, Eva Bruschek, Stephanie Coenen, Eva Greif, Renate Huber, Barbara Kaulbarsch, Inge Koch, Dr. Sybille Krafft, Dr. Ulrike Krischke, Sarah Lex, André Mitschke, Emanuel Rüff, Wolfgang Schäl von Gamm, Kristina Tschamler, Elisabeth Voigt, Tilman Voss

Barry Adams, Julie Adams, Volker Bauer, Carmelita Block, Yaron Brachmann, Paula Groß, Christopher Groß, Melanie Keller

Organisation and distribution: Jonathan Coenen, André Mitschke


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