Documentary "About Time and Hope"

In this film by student Sebastian d'Huc, contemporary witnesses who now live in Israel talk about Föhrenwald. Four young Germans talk to contemporary witnesses and young Israelis.

What was life like in the Föhrenwald camp? What was it like to live as a Jew on German soil so soon after the Holocaust? The documentary sheds light on the various religious, everyday and political aspects of life in the Föhrenwald camp, the relationship with the Germans and the decision to emigrate after 1945. What was the family's fate in the Holocaust? What is their view of the so-called "perpetrator people" today? What significance does the family history have for the children and grandchildren?


Documentary | 28min | 2020


The film was part of the "flimmern and rauschen" youth film festival 2021 and nominated for the film prize awarded there. In this context, a Q & A interview was conducted with filmmaker Sebastian d'Huc and Jonathan Coenen, one of the presenters in the film. Take a look! (The Video is in German)

The film premiered at the celebrations for "75 Years of Föhrenwald" in October 2020 at the place of remembrance BADEHAUS.

Filmmaker Sebastian d'Huc writes about the project:

“Telling a person's biography is of particular value when the information not only reaches but touches the listener. Few media are as empathy- and awareness-building as film.
Our project provides an occasion for young Jews to engage more intensively with the personal biography of their grandparents, as well as for young Germans to carry the torch of Jewish-German remembrance work by experiencing the heterogeneity of Jewish life in dialogue with Jewish peers and their grandparents. The symbolism of the generational transition of remembrance work is of great importance with regard to the strengthening right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic tendencies, especially among young Germans.”



Direction, editing, sound, project management: Sebastian d'Huc

Production assistance: André Mitschke

Idea: Dr. Sybille Krafft

Organisation Israel: Shoshana Bellen

Camera: Sebastian d'Huc, Bruno Tisch

Moderation: Jonathan Coenen, Sarah Lex, André Mitschke, Kristina Tschamler

Thanks to all contemporary witnesses and their children and grandchildren:
Shoshana Bellen, Shai Lachman, Liron Lachman, Joseph Pliskin, Gili Pliskin, Helene Roumani, Yael Roumani, Bella Rubin, Uriyah Rubin, Gali Sharet, Danielle Sharet, Robbi Waks, Amit Waks


Sponsored by:

Consulate General of the State of Israel, Munich

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